19 December 2012

Coca-Cola 'Every bottle has a story'

Coca-Cola | Japan, Malaysia, Australia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand

Coca-Cola supports more than 3,000 sustainability projects worldwide. From water conservation, farming, education and nutrition, Coca-Cola is an active corporate citizen on a global scale. But very few knew about it. People are very familiar with the Coca-Cola logo and its refreshing products. However, people were not too familiar with the company's major efforts in local communities. Coca-Cola wanted to fill the perception gap - but needed to do it in a way that avoided cynicism.

Partnering with an independent content creation team, Coca-Cola shot and produced a series of seven sensitively constructed short films called 'Every Bottle Has a Story'.

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The Ship Song Project | Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney Opera House launches a pan-media initiative to get people to view the place as more than just a classical arts destination.

Aviva's brush with Rugby | Aviva, UK

Aviva sponsors a Rubgy tournament to foster a relationship with viewers.

Euro 2012 Dubstep Dance Contest | Kia, Global

Kia Motors employs a unique contest to increase sponsorship and brand awareness as an Official Partner of Euro 2012.

Levi's Summer Hotline | Levi's, China

Levi's goes the experiential, events way in Hong Kong to counter a cluttered scenario in the clothing segment.

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What digital marketers can learn from President Obama | Leah Anathan

If you’re working in digital marketing and you didn’t see two of the most recent reports from Joshua Green, a senior national correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek, then it’s time for you to take a coffee break and go read them. Don’t worry; it will only take a few minutes out of your typically chaotic day. In his investigation, Mr Green discovered a digital petri dish with some powerful evidence that every online marketer should see. It’s the science behind winning campaigns. This campaign just happened to be the 2012 US election for President.

Innovations in out of home in 2013 | Simon Orpin

When we talk about how digital marketing channels have evolved in recent years, often we refer to the take off of social media, the advent of mobile and the general implications that the Internet has had on marketing innovation. But there is another sector – one I feel that is slightly overlooked – that has benefitted hugely from the technological advancements that digital has to offer. Out of home media has undergone something of a digital revolution of late – and I’m talking far beyond the digital six sheets that now frequently grace our west-end underground stations.

The top 10 UK Twitter campaigns list is out! | Cream Editorial

Twitter has compiled a top-10 list of the best promoted product campaigns by brands on the platform this year, based on a combination of data including total engagements, reach and impressions.



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Happy Christmas everyone! We’ll be back in January 2013!

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